Color Wheel of Emotion for Designers

As a musician, it’s been hard for me to face the fact that I am visually artistically challenged. I understand art, and I can tell you why an artistic piece emotes the way it does, but for some reason the ability to articulate my own vision in a visual way has escaped me. I know how to use minor chords, time, and dissonance to build tension and consonance to release it. However, finding a way to garner the same emotions in a visual form has always been difficult for me.

As a technologist, I have no choice but to learn how to emote using visual concepts and cues.

Plutchiks color wheel of emotion has been one of the most useful for me as a musician technologist forced into the visual medium. It’s a tool originally used by animators and comic book writers to garner specific emotions using color, and is a valuable tool for any designers looking to catalyze emotions in their audiences.

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Plutchiks color wheel of emotion

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